Re: [Gimp-developer] Problem when two layermasks in one picture

Am 21.07.2012 02:00, schrieb Richard Gitschlag:

Can't reproduce the problem on my own GIMP 2.8.0 - was I reading the steps correctly?

I tried:
1 - Open a convenient image, add layer mask (full opacity).
2 - Switch to the layer mask and paint away. (works as expected)
3 - Add a new layer (transparent) and paint some strokes
4 - Add a layer mask (full opacity) to the second layer.
5 - Switch to the layer mask and paint away. (still works as expected)

Remember that adding a new layer mask doesn't automatically switch to it for editing - you must do that yourself.  From what you describe, it sounds like you're actually editing the first layer mask (the flower layer) instead of the second (the white stroke layer).

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I wrote a course for learning to use gimp2.8 with a tutorial of how to use layer masks for out of bounds pictures.
One of my course-members had problems with this tutorial, so I worked it out again to be sure, that the tutorial is correct in all steps.
That was when I found out what the problem was, because I had the same problem with the second layer mask.

The only reason, that I could think of, why you can't reproduce this is that the student and I both work with Linux Ubuntu (me Xubuntu). Do you work on Windows?

Gimp looks strange as well, when I have the gimp-window on top of a Firefox-windows whatching a you-tube video, I can watch the video trough the gimp-window.

I'm not sure of how to proceed now, do I report this to Ubuntu-developer-list?

Thanks in advance


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