[Gimp-developer] 'gimp-levels' procedure with GEGL activated.

Hello there...
I am using GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu Lucid, compiled from source code by me and
encountered an issue when using the Levels Tool or 'gimp-levels'
procedure with GEGL activated.
If I pull the high(right) slider down to, say, 150 the layer gets
extremely white, burned white.
If I deactivate the 'Use GEGL' the layer doesn't get that white, more
close to what I would expect by looking at the histogram.
To replicate the GEGL activated levels, I have to set the high setting
down to 75/80, almost its half, with GEGL deactivated.
This affects my workflow, specially with High-Pass Masking Sharpening
Filters who use 'gimp-levels' to boost contrast in the Sharpening Layer,
the result of such filters with GEGL activated is a white useless layer.
Before 2.8 I used every devel release, and the levels worked the same
way with GEGL and without it, now I have to switch on and off the option
every time I want to use 'gimp-levels' or the Levels Tool.
If this strong effect is the intended behaviour, then how could I use
the procedure correctly? To try and fix the High-Pass scripts and make
them compatible with 2.8 and GEGL...
Best Regards,
Aliet Expósito García


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