Re: [Gimp-developer] viewing Dectris X-ray detector data

Hi Nicolas

It's really kind of you to follow this up.

I've put an example data set (raw output from the detector) here:

which I hope you can open. The file has a header containing various parameters - some to do with data organisation, others experimental...
It starts with:
headSize, ByteOrder, DataType, NbCols, NbRows, epoch, sec, mon, I2, I1, intens, photo (this is a photdiode count not a photograph :-)), p1M, p300k, frleon, voltage, current, bpmy, bpmz, byfwhm, bzfwhm, bintens, T_euro

This is followed by the counts in the channels.
These data are from a silver behenate sample that gives circular rings around the direct beam (high intensity) position. The part of the detector in the highest intensity area is protected by a rectangular beam stop. There are a couple of wires visible leading away from this area. In these data the direct beam position is off-set from the centre of the detector.

It ought to look pretty....

thanks again !
best wishes

Quoting Nicolas Robidoux <nicolas robidoux gmail com>:

Dear Halina:

Could you please post an example image somewhere?

For example, it would not suprise me if VIPS/NIP2 or ImageMagick could read it right out of the box.

Nicolas Robidoux
Image processing and applied mathematics consultant
nicolas robidoux gmail com
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