Re: [Gimp-developer] Bug 155733 - discussion of approach (bug: need to check return values of gimp_drawable_mask_bounds())

On 01/03/12 14:43, Neil wrote:
On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 12:01 PM, <gg catking net
<mailto:gg catking net>> wrote:

    Correction to my last comment, I just checked and sharpen does seem
    to work but blur has no dialog , it just does a blur with an
    uncontrolled radius.

    The ensuing "Reshow Blur" had nothing to reshow and just adds
    another uncontrolled blur.


Yeah, this is entirely normal and as intended (I believe). The clue is
in the lack of "..." after the name of the filter in the menu. E.g., the
gaussian blur does have a dialog in which you can set options, and so
its name is "Gaussian blur...", as against just plain "Blur".
Note though that my email (and this bug) is specifically about the
special case where the active layer is smaller than the image and the
selection doesn't overlap with it at all.


My original comment about sharpen not working seems to have been a local problem, that is now fixed. I thought this may be relevant to your issue.

If blur does not have a dialog it must be a one size fits all and may as well be removed! It clearly is not properly integrated into GIMP if it gets listed as "reshow" when it was never shown.

My earlier bug report here on sharpen showed it got integrated into menu as both "reshow" and "redo" even when I cancelled without doing a change.

These are more like UI defects but I thought it may have something to do with dialogue failures not exiting cleanly or at the right time. I could not imagine someone adding a blur that was not adjustable, that's just dumb.

Sorry for the noise.


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