Re: [Gimp-developer] An important tool missing in GIMP

On 02/27/2012 08:05 PM, Sven C. GrafxUser wrote:

for a longer time I missed easy usable shapes in GIMP. The current solution GFig is IMHO too unprecise and the integration of vector layers from GSoC 2010 is postponed for later (see Since bug #613885 is solved, it's now possible to import vector paths from other programs. I used this chance and created some shapes with Inkscape to use
in GIMP: rectangles, squares, polygons, circle, ellipses, arcs, pies,
triangles, stars, wave, spiral, trapezoid. There are rectangles, sqares and stars with 'normal' and rounded corners. I think, that's enough for first and
fulfills most of the needs.
Currently I'm unsure how to provide them to be easily accessible from the UI.
Should I provide them in a subfolder of the source's data-folder or via
My time is currently very rare, but I'd like to help out in GIMP, if I can. Yesterday and not knowing about this question here I posted the same message in Bugzilla, see So, if one of the main developers or contributors would like to answer, he or she can do so in reply to this message or in Bugzilla.

There is a shape-paths script that covers a lot of shapes... see

I do agree that Gfig in its present form is about unusable and could as well be removed, unless some developer puts it out of its misery and lets it produce plain paths. Why can' t Gfig produce clean results? (see with GFIG on left and shape-paths on right, or even worse:

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