[Gimp-developer] QuickMask vs. Show Layer Mask

I know, these two tools serve two very different purposes; I'm not worried about that.  Instead, I'm wondering about the manner in which each mask is displayed....

Can the QuickMask tool be tweaked to allow configuring two display colors/opacities - one for the "unselected" end and another for "selected" end of the channel?  Currently (well, 2.6.12 anyway) the QuickMask essentially displays as a color-to-transparent gradient map on top of your image.  Which works, but a FG-to-BG type gradient would be more flexible.  You'd still be able to swap which color corresponds to which end, and you could easily duplicate the current behavior by configuring one of the mask colors for 0% opacity.  Which means that the QuickMask's popup menu could, for example, look like this:

- Toggle QuickMask
- Selected color/opacity...
- Unselected color/opacity...
- Swap colors

Contrast "Show Layer Mask", which overlays a 100% opaque black-to-white gradient and whose colors/opacity (as of 2.6.12) cannot be configured.  Can that be made configurable?  Sure, the 100% solid gradient is useful, but there've been a few cases where I would've liked a less-than-opaque value (say, 80%) so I can still see some hint of the layer underneath the mask.

-- Stratadrake
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