Re: [Gimp-developer] A file format to store process flow and original image untouched

I wonder if there's such a storage format, that is, or will (or
would eventually) be supported by Gimp?

The idea is to get the process flow (modifications done to an image)
stored to disk, allowing to undo/redo even after reopening the Gimp
later, eventually reuse (parts of) the process flow and apply it to
another image, etc.. I don't care if the process flow is stored with
the original file in the same storage unit or separately.

Anyway.. some comments?

It smells a bit like node editing. It (kind of) showed up recently:

I can envision a work-space where you don't really have a layer
toolbar open, but a node editor (with backdrop/main image if you
need it) which you can scale/re-position, and do all your GEGL
operations and magic with nodes, and be back to your main
image/paint/edit window with the click of a shortcut.

I'd take it a bit futher: most frequently used node sequences grouped
together in another nodes, to save, reuse and share with others.

Is it close enough to what is on your mind? I hope so, because I love that idea :).

My best!

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