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Hello Sven,

thanks for your feedback. Not sure if the GIMP UI team has the same goals like i have.

My main idea is to create step by step a configuration package for various open source
graphic software for a uniform suite like the creative suite of Adobe.

This means:
- themes, icons and colors
- workflows, presets and shortcuts
- sharing objects between these apps

I know this is a very big picture at all.

So here comes my question again:

Is it possible changing all icons (not toolbar only) of GIMP by a theme?


Zitat von scl <scl gplus gmail com>:

On 12.12.12 at 8:05 PM bart@neene... wrote:

Dear GIMP developers,

inspired by the UI of Blender i'd like to create one GTK theme for
various open source
graphic software like GIMP.

My first step is the theme (which is nearly ready):

Nice to see somebody is working on a smart and a bit darker UI theme for GIMP. Perhaps it's a start for a fresher look.

My 2nd step is to change all icons of GIMP.
Please can you tell me how to change any icon that appears in GIMP and not
only the toolbox.

The icons are in the GIMP Git repository [1]. Instead of replacing the existing UI themes I recommend to propose your theme as a new one as tastes are different and there's more to a theme than a stylish look. It's also worth knowing that the GNOME Design team worked at an icon set for graphics applications [2]. To join your forces you should contact the GNOME visual design lead Jakub Steiner (jimmac) [3] or our user interaction architect Peter Sikking.
You find at least jimmac at IRC in #gimp or #gnome-design.

Kind regards and keep up your good work,


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