[Gimp-developer] Mac enhancement requests


I was pretty stoked to see there's a native version of GIMP for Mac now. Thanks for all the hard work!

I have a couple of small requests that I think would go a long way in making the app more Mac-like and I would be more comfortable recommending it to people.

One is that the Preference pane be opened with Cmd+, which is the standard shortcut for mac app preferences.

The second is that the default setting for window management behviour be 'normal' for hints and toolboxes. The first time I ran the app it felt ridiculously slow and buggy, but it actually wasn't it was just that the color space warning (to keep or assign the color space) was behind the main toolbox window, so I thought it was taking ages for my image to open, but I couldn't see that window, and the same with the PNG export preferences... my image just wasn't saving, but it was because the preferences/confirmation window was behind the toolbox. And because the default behaviour of the toolbox was to be on top all the time I didn't see these dialogues and they were hard to access.

Thirdly, it would be great if Cmd+` switched between the windows, which is normal behaviour on mac programs (and GIMP under X11).

Thanks for considering!


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