Re: [Gimp-developer] Why the endless background conversions between linear and regular sRGB TRC?

Hi Elle.

Sorry, I can't comment on most of these issues. However there is one
important caveat:

Elle Stone (l elle stone gmail com) wrote:
> *16-bit tiffs open without the erroneous "gamma 2.2 correction" being applied

16 bit loading code in the tiff plugin is highly experimental and I am
not at all sure that it does the correct thing.

I just committed a bugfix for Bug #678815

which fixes loading issues with some tiffs. I failed to properly specify
the format that the tiff plugin uses to transmit the data to the core.

Basically all of the plugins (including your lcms port) use the old
pixel-region API for accessing the image data. This also means that they
don't specify a proper working format, this even could be the reason for
all kind of potentially useless conversions.

> I suspect several other weird gamma 2.2/0.45 errors also might be
> related to the babl/babl/util.h functions.

But I have the strong impression that no-op'ing a core function is the
wrong thing to do. It is much more likely, that the plugins mis-specify
their working format and subsequently bogus stuff is happening.

Maybe this helps?


              simon budig de    

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