Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP plugin registry website

Helloy, everyone!

If you think my original post was out of the line and even insulting - my
apologies. It wasn't my intent.
Nex time I will be more carefull choosing words. 
Forgive me for not surgacoating the fact that registry has become messy. But
it's true and it's not a matter of just a few days. 
People (not me) have been asking questions regarding website recent changes
for the last 4 weeks now.
The last response by webmaster is dated August 7th, 2012. Again, I wasn't
the one asking all those questions.
My remark about possible strike action is, of course, an irony. Sure enough,
I know the guys are not on payroll.
I just brought to attention here what's already been addressed to registry
website folks, thinking it might help to resolve the situation.
Actually, I didn't expect a response to my post, just the actions taken. Or
some sort of explanation. 
But not mocking by Alexander.
As for my personal contribution to the project I wish I could help. 
If Alexander could find any task for me (no matter how insignificant it is)
I'd be glad to help.
One thing I can do, though. I've been thinking about monetary donation for a
few months now and if everything goes well,
by the end of this year I'm going to be able to do so. I like GIMP and
willing to help any way I can. It is a solid fact.

Again, sorry for sturring up a storm in a teacup. It clearly was not an
Your hard work is highly appreciated.  
I hope this will settle the issue. Peace? 
No hard feelings.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Nik O.
Никита Омуль
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