Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP plugin registry website

El 24/08/12 04:25, Alexandre Prokoudine escribió:
GIMP plugin registry website has become unusable. Aside from the fact that
new 2-column layout resulted in text/image overlapping and answers to
questions are now unbound and not traceable back to the questions, it is now
bloated with spam most of which hasn't been dealt with in the last 2 days.
What a mess! Are people responsible for the website maintenance on strike
action or something?
No, we are all waiting for your wonderful webmaster skills to be
applied to the registry :) What's taking you so long? :)

It's true that the site became a little bit difficult to use.
Alexandre, do they need help with the site? I could use some help from the Gráfica Libre community to give the site a refreshing.
That's, of course, if the mantainer of that site accepts it.


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