Re: [Gimp-developer] some geometry stuff

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Nik Omul wrote:

> 1. (see Attachment A) Is it possible to add Distance and Angle mesurements
> to the Paths Tool's /Polygonal mode/?

It's what Inkscape does. Sounds like a reasonable request to me. Did
you file a bug report? :)

> 2. Would be nice to have an option for the Measure Tool to constrain
> orientation line to integers other than 15 degrees.

Isn't it already configurable in Preferences menu?

> 3 (see Attachment B) Three additional marks on each Ruler corresponding to
> canvas' exact geometric center and to 'rule of third' imaginary lines.
> Could be implemented in Cfig filter preview window as well.

That internal vector graphics editor will have to go anyway. In favour
of real vector layers.

> The ability to snap guides to those marks would also be a must.
> Could be displayed as notches different  in color and shape from
> standard marks to avoid a confusion. Could be opted as Show/Hide in
> View/Rulers/hide-show midpoint, thirds.
> Allows to immediately find geometric center of a canvas,
> rule of third points of intersection by navigating with a cursor
> across canvas. Snapping guides to these marks takes less time than:
> a. Image/Guides/New Guide (by Percent) - Horizontal, 50% (33.3 then 66.6)
> b. Image/Guides/New Guide (by Percent) - Vertical, 50%, etc.,
> not to mention calculations. I am aware of 3rd party plugin GAT,
> but many others may not.

In my opinion this sounds like an overkill.

You don't need indicators on a ruler for snapping. This perfectly
works on canvas. Please try Inkscape to see, how exactly (preferably,
trunk build).

> 4. This idea was actually proposed by a friend of mine who is
> a professional designer and no stranger to GIMP -
> a centroid (center of gravity) for irregular shaped selection
> as a reference point when using transformation tools.

Unified Transform tool has already been merged to Git master with a
quite visible pivot mark. Most recent news at has a screenshot

Alexandre Prokoudine

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