Re: [Gimp-developer] Animation choices

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 3:53 AM, Nik Omul <nik-omul yandex ru> wrote:
> Question 2. GIMP supports animated GIFs as its splash image. It doesn't
> increase start-up time a bit, no matter how heavy GIF files I'm using (yes,
> I timed it!)
> I want to try and make it work with apng.
> When I use animated png as a splash image, however, GIMP decodes and
> displays only it's first frame.
> It happens despite file-png and libpng having been removed from plugins
> folder and replaced by patched ones.
> What particular plugin(s) is responsible for program's start-up and opening
> image inside a splash?
> I've tried to locate it, but there are so many! And it seems like a chain of
> commands is being called at start-up.  Hope somebody steer me in the right
> direction.

The loading dialog needs to be shown while the plugins are being
loaded, so the dialog can't use any of the plugins to display those

I believe the loading dialog uses the image loaders from gdk-pixbuf
(which is a library that GTK+ depends on). If you wanted to add apng
support to the dialog, you'd need to add support there instead.
(There might already be apng loaders for gdk-pixbuf somewhere out
there, I haven't checked)

  -- drawoc

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