Re: [Gimp-developer] "File -> Page Setup" missing in 2.8, why it matters

2012/8/5 Richard Gitschlag <strata_ranger hotmail com>:
> I know other people have noticed it, but the (Windows at least) Print
> plug-in in GIMP 2.8, while generally improved from GIMP 2.6, is missing one
> very important thing:  The "Page Setup" command.
> This is a problem, and regression, for a few reasons:
> 1 - Unable to specify Landscape orientation.

Second tab of the "Print" dialog.

> 2 - Unable to control/specify page margins.

Third tab of the "Print" dialog.

> 3 - Violates a common design convention.

Is this common design convention so common, and so convenient? I had
always found counterintuitive to have first to chose the orientation
in a dialog, then print using another dialog. The new situation is
much better.

Olivier Lecarme

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