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Hi Peter,

you asked to write a bit about myself, which I will be glad to do. I studied computer science with a focus on human computer interaction and cognitive science in Stuttgart and Boulder, Colorado. This is now a long time ago and since then I have not directly worked in the field since. Our focus at the time was on knowledge based HCI and specifically on knowledge based design environments. The objective was to empower non-professionals (sic!) to do certain design processes and benefit from design knowledge embedded in the computer environment. One of the technologies we developed were so-called critics, basically condition action rules that can trigger when a certain suboptimal design state was entered. The critic would then propose a change in the design. But these would not necessarily be executed automatically; the users should keep the autonomy to control their design process. We also represented task knowledge, i.e., structures of tasks and subtasks. From one perspective, it was the goal to reduce the knowledge necessary to do design tasks. We applied these methods to user interface design and kitchen design, for instance. For example, we were also influenced by Ivan Illich's tools for conviviality, i.e., tools to give people the freedom to engage in models of production that are different from classical industrial production.

Many of us thought that knowledge based systems would change the character of human computer interaction. We know now that this has not really panned out and it is doubtful if it will ever happen at a significant level.

[Just to avoid any misconceptions: I don't think that Gimp should be a knowledge based system]

Nevertheless, I am still intrigued by the topics of computer human interaction design and empowering people to do things they otherwise would not be able to do. I would be glad if, in my spare time, I could contribute in a small way to make Gimp an even greater tool than it already is.

Best regards,


Am 31.07.2012 22:12, schrieb Andreas Lemke:
Am 30.07.2012 23:44, schrieb peter sikking:
I presented my background, can you be clear about yours?
I didn't think it was necessary to present credentials before being taken seriously. But I can write about myself. There is no secret. I will do in another email.

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