[Gimp-developer] new heal tool in gimp 2.8

hi all
i am photographer (http://photo.talasek.sk)
and i retouch in gimp linux only , photographing is my hobby, my normal work is developer
I must tell us that new heal tool not work properly , create brigthnes smudges and kill colors
old heal tool wor wery good for me
if i change  gimpheal.c with old one a then compile everything is ok
in atachment i send new healtool which not work properly and old one .. which is perfect
also i make compare xcf file , u must download it from


in separate layers is same action with old and new heal tool and source image

My opinion is: it is nessesary change it ? what is the reason for change it ?
thanks for answer

MSc. Miroslav Talasek
Developer, Team leader
Seznam.cz, a.s.
Czech Republic

tel.:+420 234 694 722
fax: +420 234 694 115
gsm: +420 608 934 724
jabber: mirecta jabber cz
work-email: miroslav talasek firma seznam cz
email: miroslav talasek seznam cz

Attachment: healtoolsources.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip

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