Re: [Gimp-developer] Difference between GIMP_PLUGIN and GIMP_EXTENSION

On 12-04-22 12:33 PM, Alessandro Francesconi wrote:
what's the conceptual difference between GIMP_PLUGIN and GIMP_EXTENSION types?
When a "plugin" must be defined as an extension?

A plug-in is only loaded and run when needed (such as at GIMP startup for plug-in query or when invoked from a menu). An extension is loaded when GIMP is started and stays running the whole time GIMP is running.

I think GIMP extensions are a mostly obsolete concept. The only existing example of one is Script-Fu. I have some work in progress on my Tiny-Fu project (used to test changes for future versions of Script-Fu) that will eliminate the need to run Scheme based scripts for GIMP via an extension.


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