[Gimp-developer] feature request -- reduce my mouse clicking by 90%

hi. i've had a feature request i've wanted to make for ages now, so i
figured i might as well make it.

if anyone's sitting there thinking, wow i'd like to do some gimp
hacking, please read on.

the problem is this. i'm a command line cowboy mostly, and i usually
opt for an imagemagick solution much quicker than i opt for a gimp
solution. i understand that this has mostly to do with temperament.

there are times when i need gimp, though. and when i need it, i usually like it.

except for one thing. i tend to open a lot of *windows*. sometimes too many.

here's two things that would make my life easier:

1) simple request

i've opened a lot of windows, and i want to be able to save every
window in a (variable) directory with a (variable) set of defaults for
a (variable) extension. seeing as how gimp seems to save defaults on a
per-extension basis, this doesn't seem like it would be too hard.

obviously this would not work for windows that did not yet have
filenames assigned, but it would be a huge bonus for me.

2) complicated request

for really complicated guillotines, allow saving guide positions to a
'guide file'. then make a handy way to do all of the slicing via the
command line, given a guide file and the image named in the guide


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