Re: [Gimp-developer] An appeal for insight into the development of GIMP

On Thu, 2012-04-12 at 03:05 +0100, Martin Schönberger wrote:
> Dear developers of GIMP!
> I am a student of Software Engineering at the Vienna University of
> Technology

Then I suggest you show up at LGM
which will be in Vienna in the first week of May, there will
be quite some people you could interview.


>  and currently writing my master thesis on project management
> and the development methods used in open source projects. In my research
> I analyzed open source development and compared it with elements found
> in various proprietary approaches, both agile and well-defined.
> But to provide balanced and up-to-date results my work relies on first-
> hand information and expert opinion, for which I need your help. GIMP
> matches my criteria regarding size, activity and available information
> and I would be glad to include it in my case study.
> I am looking for an interview partner with good insight into the project
> structure and a solid overview of all stages of development, ideally a
> member of the core team with long-term dedication to the project.
> The interview would take about 20 minutes on Skype (or a similar phone-
> based tool). If you prefer a written chat, that can be arranged as well.
> My daily schedule is flexible, so whatever time suits you best should
> work for me.
> The subject areas I would like to cover in the interview are GIMP's:
> * Development flow and release cycles
> * Social structures, responsibilities and decision making
> * Code structure and architectural considerations
> * Special conditions caused by the open source environment
> I realize your time might be scarce, but if you decide to contribute to
> this case study your help shall be all the more appreciated. Once
> finished I will gladly share my results and any new insights gained on
> the topic with you.
> Kind regards,
> Martin Schönberger
> (maschonber gmail com)
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