[Gimp-developer] Google Summer Of code - deadline

My name is Karol Badowski.

I am a student of two faculties from Poland:
a) 8'th semmester of Informatics at Gdańsk University of Technology
b) 4'th semmester of BioInformatics at University Of Gdańsk

I have a lot of experience with 3D and 2D graphics, parallel computing (including OpenCL, parallel computing algorythms) from lessons on the university.
I have also participated in several projects that included analysis of 2D, implementing pats of 3D graphical or physics engines, communication in distributed image processing.

I sincerely hope my "last day" application would not be considered as unserious.
Last week I had lots of work including exams on both universities, that is why I have been  working on my application for Google Summer of Code only in last 24 hours.
I still hope I will manage to present my idea for a project in 4 hours that are left to the deadline.

I would appreciate an opinion about my idea (actually 3 precised ideas and two more variable) for a project.

I have red that compilation of the code is expected before applying, so that application could have any chance of participating.
Is it expected former to GSOC application deadline, or proof of setting up developing environment and successful compilation could be sent a little bit after the deadline?

There is an Open Office file with ideas attached to this e-mail.
Thanks in advance for judgement whether or not are those good ore useless ideas for a GSoC project.

Karol Badowski.

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