[Gimp-developer] i18n freeze?


Last week Mitch said that group layer masks are likely to be postponed
as it's too much work he has not time for right now.

That leaves us just bugfixes, website update, release notes, splash
screen and, of course, translation updates.

I'm not entirely sure where we are re translations of 2.8. Some teams
seem to have been following changes closely during this long dev
cycle, but some probably didn't follow it much if at all. Given amount
of changes between 2.6 and 2.8 would it be reasonable to have a good
long stare at the rest of proposed changes (like metadata
viewer/editor) to find out if those are likely to break strings
freeze, and then declare the strings freeze ASAP so that we don't
delay 2.8 even further?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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