Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting the recognition that GIMP deserves

Hi all!

I drew the cage splash:P I drew it because some people were  just not
getting the clue about us not changing the name and well, the cage
tool got merged. Synergy.

"It's only a dev version, general users won't see it." is a lame
excuse on many levels. Is there 'us' and 'them' in open source? Who
is, exactly, this mythical 'general user', or 'majority'?

For developers its clear cut and simple: developer releases are for
people capable and willing to do sophisticated bug reporting and
working with developers to solve those bugs. And such a person can
probably at least recognize wilber and the reference to the cage tool
and find it funny.  IMHO as a deterrent against use of development
releases where it shouldn't be used, ie in production environments
like workplace or your granny's computer, the slightly NSFW splash
worked just fine. It made more people take a look at what a
development release is instead of just shoving it to everyone they
knew as if a stable.

Aside all that, by personal firm belief is that we get trolled over
the name and other things so much that occasionally trolling back is
mandatory for sanity ;) I know Martin disagrees ;)


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