Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting the recognition that GIMP deserves

Hi Mathew

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 02:23:24PM +1100, Mathew Oakes wrote:
> I hope this is a suitable place to post this.
> 2.8 is shaping up as a great release!
> Opening the 2.7.3 distribution crystallised in my mind, the core problem
> inhibiting greater acceptance of the GIMP.
> The quasi-bestial bondage image on the loading screen is unnecessarily
> disturbing. As a first impression for all new users, the loading screen
> needs to highlight features and benefits of the program and help explain to
> the user what's in it for them.
> The whole gimp/bondage pun might have been worth a chuckle years ago, but
> unfortunately it's not a useful idea for promoting graphic software. The
> pun distracts away from the important message of what the software is and
> what it does -- and confuses it with undesirable perverse behaviour. The
> confused 'brand' becomes is an unnecessary barrier for many people to use
> the software.

The developer version's splash screen is about the cage tool. It has
nothing to do with GIMP's name. Learn about the tool for why it's
called 'cage'.

As Liam has also pointed out, this is a developer version splash
created by a developer, as a placeholder.  Developer version splashes
usually are not shipped in stable versions and are not seen by a
general user.

> From the perspective of new/naive users:
>    - Is it NSFW? What about a school?
>    - Why should I treat this software seriously?

Stable GIMP which is installed by the majority of its userbase has
never shipped with a NSFW splash.

> To really get the recognition and use that GIMP deserves, it needs to
> evolve its identity.

I think this habit of relating GIMP's name to the north american slang
'gimp' time and again has run its due course and we're quite tired of
it.  Most of GIMP developers and users are outside the USA and aren't
familiar with the slang meaning or even the word except the app itself
for that matter.  If you do a search for the word gimp in any search
engine, you'll see GIMP the program.

People involved in GIMP development are diverse and come from varied
backgrounds (in every way you can imagine).  We are easily the target
of bad mouthing (race, country, religion, orientation, etc.).  But we
all get along as good friends.  We're not derogatory.  We don't have
ill intentions.  We're creating something good as free software after

It's not that anyone is stuck about a name. It's not a simple change to
rename GIMP.  It's a _huge_ undertaking.  There are also many thousands
of third-party scripts, plug-ins, etc.  which depend on the name being
there.  No developer in his/her right mind gives it any more thought
after considering the volume of changes necessary.  There are issues
with higher priority which need to get done..  features that users need
right away.

GIMP is about 15 years old. It's got the recognition it deserves.


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