Re: [Gimp-developer] viewing Dectris X-ray detector data

On 12/22/2011 05:26 AM, Rob Antonishen wrote:

    I was wondering how easy (?!) it might be to change the GIMP data
    input/output routines so that instead of reading/writing jpg images
    "GIMPX" could read/write Dectris X-ray detector format data...

    In fact, we would really only be interested in a very small subset of all
    the image processing that GIMP can do.  For example, certain zones of the
    2d detector need to be masked before further data analysis can proceed.
     The ability to select contiguous regions based on count-rate would be
    very helpful.

    thanks for any replies !


A quick look at the link provided indicates that these devices produce 20 bit data:
  "Dynamic range 20 bits (1:1,048,576)"

Currently GIMP is limited to 8 bits per channel, so it is not likely capable of dealing with these images at this time.
I also noticed this 20-bit range - however, GIMP processes 24 bits per pixel, eight bits of each red, green, and blue.

The 20-bit outputs of the photon counters could be partitioned into three colored data streams; seems likely that the masking and partitioning of the counter data could be handled by an appropriately designed plug-in.

Just reading a TIFF file with 20-bit resolution grayscale probably would not work, as the data probably would be truncated. But don't give up on current GIMP yet. A TIF front-end in a plug-in that properly partitioned might help.

-Rob A>

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