[Gimp-developer] Gimp Splash Screen Decision

Hi GIMP-Team,

first of all, thanks for the great tool. We are using it on a daily basis and are huge fans!

I read that one of the last steps toward 2.8 is the election of a splash-screen.

I am working in a small Start-up in Berlin and we have a cost-free tool for idea collection and voting. You can upload images and people can discuss and vote. It´s super simple. And it´s free.


The tool makes internal discussions a lot easier and quicker.
And if you like, you could make a public contest out of the splash-screen question. I think people would love it and share it a lot on Facebook etc.

For us it would just be a great honor to contribute! :)

Let me know, of you like the idea!

Best Regards



Wolliner Straße 8
10435 Berlin

030 69 20 11 97
0177 3 20 11 79

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