Re: [Gimp-developer] what means "g" ?

On 12/04/11 19:06, Chris Moller wrote:
On 12/04/11 10:40, Cristian Secară wrote:
I have these strings:

Rotate by %-3.3g° around (%g, %g)
Shear horizontally by %-3.3g
Shear vertically by %-3.3g
Shear horizontally by %-3.3g, vertically by %-3.3g

What is "g" ?
And what is "3.3g" ?

Here "around" means "approximately" ?

No, "around," in this context, means rotating around a centre-point at
coordinates (5g, %g)


To anwser your other question, g is part of the floating point format specifier.

%-3.3g , for ex. is not printed, it is replaced by the number.

See man sprintf on linux.


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