Re: [Gimp-developer] attempt to use the text tool crashes the program (on Windows) and I don't remember the solution

2011/12/4 Cristian Secară <liste secarica ro>:
> Using the 2.7.3 version from ,
> with the text tool selected, GIMP crashes just when I click anywhere on
> an opened image. I remember it happened the same sometime in the past
> (more than a year back, I presume), at that time I found a solution
> (perhaps shared by Jernej Simončič (?)), but I am unable to find the
> referecne to it.
> At the same time, the 2.7.4 portable version from Partha's site works
> ok.
> Someone to remember something on this ?
Its a known bug with the wimp theme engine. disable it and gimp will
work fine. I did it by finding and removing libwimp.dll from gimp gtk,
but it can be done via the config file as well.


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