Re: [Gimp-developer] where can I see these strings in action ? (carved on script-fu)

2011/12/1 Cristian Secară <liste secarica ro>:
> Both carve-it.scm and carved-logo.scm contain these strings:
>    (gimp-item-set-name layer1 _"Carved Surface")
>    (gimp-item-set-name shadow-layer _"Bevel Shadow")
>    (gimp-item-set-name highlight-layer _"Bevel Highlight")
>    (gimp-item-set-name cast-shadow-layer _"Cast Shadow")
>    (gimp-item-set-name inset-layer _"Inset")
> However, when making use of these filters none of these options are
> present in the dialog box.
> What I have to do in order to see them somewhere ?

It looks like these are the names it sets on the layers it creates in
the image. If they are only temporary they probably don't need to be
translatable (or named).

Mikael Magnusson

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