Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

Some time ago I uploaded GIMPScripter plugin to the GIMP registry.  It somewhat allowed what is discussed in this thread: ability to browse the GIMP menus, choose a sequence, enter or defer parameters, and execute the sequence. It still is a prototype, not finished.  It is written in Python.  (It didn't allow searching the menus for a string but would be an easy enhancement.)

One implementation problem was parsing and recreating a shadow of the GIMP menu tree.  As I recall, I didn't understand the GIMP internals so I just recreated a small sample of the specification for the GIMP menus.  Another well known problem is that the default parameters values for many commands and plugins are not available.

The notion of this thread (an alternative or user-chosen view of the GIMP commands) is also related to the PDB Browser, the Plugin Browser, the keyboard shortcuts dialog, various batch processor plugins, and to a GUI to a GEGL graph of commands.

Meta-programming of the GUI (which is really not essential to GIMP) can already be done in plugins, to some extent.  We need concrete proposals how to change GIMP to make meta-programming from plugins easier and better, and more prototype demonstrations proving the utility to users.

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