Giggle state, and Giggle <-> gitg


I stumbled across Giggle, and was wondering about its state. The last
release was 4 years ago. One year ago there was still a little of
changes in the code. This year there were some changes in the build
system, the AppData, etc. And translators continue to update the
translations. At first when looking at [1] I thought that the
translators were working on a project that should be archived instead.

And another thing is gitg. The two applications have the same goals I
think. But gitg is in Vala (based on libgit2-glib) and Giggle is in C.
The development of Giggle started in 2007, gitg in 2008.

So my initial question was whether the translators should continue to
update the translations.

I didn't try to build and launch Giggle, but does it still work fine?
(e.g. after the changes during GTK+ 3).


Best regards,

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