ANNOUNCE: Giggle 0.5 released (stable)

Finally, here the 0.5 release.
This release is supossed to be stable and It's the version that should
be shipped by distributions.

* What is it ?

Giggle is a graphical frontend for Git

* Where can I get it ?


* Homepage:
* Git repo:
* Mailing List:
* Report bugs to:

Changes in 0.5

* Several performance improvements
* Fix crash when searching
* Improve responsiveness when executing git commands
* Some memory fixes


* Added Galician (gl) translation by Fran Diéguez
* Added Norwegian (nb) translation by Kjartan Maraas
* Updated French (fr) translation by Bruno Brouard
* Updated Spanish (es) translation by Jorge González


* Javier Jardón
* Guilhem Bonnefille
* Florian Müllner
* Edward Hervey

Thank you all!

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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