Re: 'Lost' feature

Hi Stephen,

2009/3/16 Stephen Garton <sheepeatingtaz gmail com>:
> I am using giggle from the Ubuntu PPA that was set up (version
> 0.4.91-0~ppa2). One of the features I like (should I say liked?) in
> giggle was the ability to see the history on a specific file it a git
> repository. I have rolled back to the version in Intrepid (0.4.2) and
> the feature is there.
> Has this feature been removed? If so, might I ask why? It may have
> just been moved, and I'm being stupid (feel free to tell me if so!).

I not sure to understand your matter. New giggle still has the
hability to display the history of a single file. To do this, move to
"Browse" view, then select your file in the file tree (in the left).
Doing this; the content is dsplayed on the right and the history of
the file is displayed on the bottom.

Does it solve your problem?

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