Re: RFC: Patch View


IMHO, the most notably drawback of this feature is the lack of visual
feedback to identify that the current chunk is part of a set related
to a file. By visual feedback, I'm thinking of something like the
scrollbar: in a file editor, this widget allows to situate the current
viewport in the whole file. I think this is the missing feature the
the chunck viewer.

Personnaly, I also like to visualize ALL the chunks related to a file
at the same time. For example, to verify easily the consistence of all
(renaming variables...).

So, perhaps a good solution can be to replace the path list by a tree:
   \-file1's chunk1
   \-file1's chunk2
   \-file2's chunk1
   \-file2's chunk2
   \-file2's chunk3

Navigating between chunks automatically select the corresponding
tree's element. Perhaps a sufficient visual feedback.
Selecting a chunk only display this chunk.
Selecting a file display ALL the chunks of this file.
Selecting the root display ALL the chunks (like gitk).

PS: sorry for the previous incomplete email.
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