Re: [Gegl-developer] Is gegl_buffer_* aware of source color profile?

On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 2:58 PM JonnyRobbie via gegl-developer-list
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It is true that I might do away with a gegl operation to get the auto constructed parameter UI. But I would 
need more than one input image. In my mind/design, there's this main layer which would get this filter 
applied on, but there need to be one or two user selectable secondary layers for additional input. Is it 
possible to do that with the design you have in mind?

Have a look at the displacement map filter in GIMP, which is using a
UI created based on introspection of property meta-data annotations in
GEGL. When you create your own GEGL operations they appear as part of
the list of the GIMP GEGL tool, I have long flagged having GEGL ops
turn up in the GIMP menus in other locations than here as a high
priority with the GIMP developers; but for now the capabilities that
exist treat this as a staging area - and additional GIMP coding has to
be done to bind it to the PDB (needed for compatibility with old
plug-ins, and giving the action a menu option).

But the bigger problem is the desperate lack of any guides/tutorials, etc. I started the development in the 
current way simply because there's basically only one source of how to do a plugin development and that is And that guide is over ten years old and I got tons of 
depreciated warnings etc. And I spent extremely long tracking and jumping through all gimp/gegl/babl C 
documentation to get to the current point where it somehow works - in sRGB only.

The only "guide" on how to create a gegl operation is and that one is extremely sparse and imho 
quite laughable for anyone but core gimp developers. I simply could not find any starting points on how to 
create a gimp filter (plug-in alike) using a gegl operations (and XML for example).

The advice in the past was always finding a GIMP plug-in that does
close to what you want already and adapt it, this still stands - the
code is more up to date and better documentation than possibly decades
old developer documentation - some of which is outdated enough that it
is more harmful than, that said; more proper documentation of writing
new ops in both GEGL and GIMP would be welcomed by both projects.


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