[Gegl-developer] 2016 project report and the funding of GIMP/GEGL development


We recently published our (regrettably belated) annual project report:


We tried to keep it short, so it's only a few minutes read.

There are, however, more news.

First of all, last week, Michael Natterer and Øyvind Kolås started
cleaning up libgimp to prepare it for the v2.10 release which will
happen some time later this year. Most of the work is currently
happening in the code related to layer blending modes. The refactoring
involves introducing streamlined workflow for handling linear pixel
data. More work will be done at the end of January during a week-long
project meeting in Barcelona (details to follow separately).

Which brings us to the next major topic.

As you very well know, we don't organize project-level paid
development at this time; instead we encourage personal fundraisers
that focus on particular missing features in GIMP. One of such
enterprises was recently started by Øyvind Kolås.

Øyvind has been working on GEGL since mid-2000s, he's the principal
developer of that project with a 42% share of all changes. He is now
looking for community's support to further improve this engine.

The more time he can spend on GEGL, the more we can improve
performance of GIMP (v2.10 and onwards) and the faster we can
implement more advanced features, such as layer effects,
non-destructive editing, and CMYK/spot colors support (in the 3.x
series of releases).

You can fund Øyvind's work at Patreon:


Additionally, if you want GIMP to have better animation capabilities,
you can support ZeMarmot, upcoming GIMP-powered animated movie by
Jehan Pagès. Part of the funding will cover the expenses of developing
a better animation plug-in. Jehan recently posted about the ongoing
work in details:


Jehan is one of our most active contributors in recent years. Earlier
he successfully completed another community-funded feature --
symmetric painting mode which is available since v2.9.4 and will be
part of v2.10. Here is his Patreon page:


We expect to ship v2.10 later this year with 16/32-bit per color
channel precision, basic OpenEXR support, new and updated tools, UI
updates, and many more changes. For the complete list of new features
and improvements so far please refer to
https://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Release:2.10_changelog. For the development
roadmap, please read https://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Roadmap.

Best regards,

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