[Gegl-developer] enable a GEGL graph evolution log

Hello GIMP devs!

I have started studying the GIMP code base because I'm interested in finding a way to log the basic GIMP operations I use during a GUI session.  My use case is digital art (not much photo editing).

I ran across much talk and some implementation of GEGL.  I can see how the Undo /History features would make great use of the DAG graph data structure used by GEGL.  

Q: How hard will it be to log the GEGL graph evolution to disk in real-time using perhaps a rolling log?   What is the best approach for an idea like this?

This would be really great!  I want to use the data to archive my "art flow."  From that data I can maintain my own list of personal art recipes.  I should note that one of my workflows is to export the final art piece to PNG.  I don't keep the GIMP file around in this case which might have some history stored.  

Many thanks for the help and thanks for GIMP!


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