Re: [Gegl-developer] Comprehensive guide to gegl operations

On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 3:46 AM, nek0 <nek0 nek0 eu> wrote:
Hi folks,

I am currently attempting to write Haskell bindings to the GEGL library.
In that proces sof making I encountered a problem with the operations of
gegl. There is not really an up to date guide or compendium of these
available online. There is no documentation for operations like
"gegl:over" or "gegl:ff-load".
I am well aware of the existence of the official documentation at , but this seems incomplete.
Am I missing some resource?

Operations available for a given installation of GEGL varies,
depending on the version installed; which dependencies were available
when it was built, as well as which third party operations have been
built and added. On a given system - on the commandline issuing $ gegl
--list-all # will give you a lit of all properties, and $ gegl
--properties gegl:ff-load # will show the properties and documentation
for the ff-load op on a given system. These mechanisms are included
both for automatic generation of user interfaces for each operation -
like it is used in GIMP-2.9 - as well as more modern tag / search
based interfaces similar to the example provided on I have
updated the .json database used for the online version with a copy
from my local system - note that the whole website is generated in the
GEGL docs folder as part of building GEGL.


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