[Gegl-developer] Fwd: Annual GNOME Bugzilla statistics for 2015


I found the following GNOME desktop mailing list post today.
It's a statistics about the most active contributors to GNOME Bugzilla.
Similar statistics could also be for Git and wiki contributions.
I think that's a nice way to make contributions attractive and could
also have positive effects on our GEGL and GIMP work.
What do you think about it?



On  5.1.2016 at 7:34 PM Andre Klapper wrote:
Hej hej,

a quick look at some basic GNOME Bugzilla activity in 2015.

Overall statistics:
                                2015    2014   2013
  Open reports at the end(*):   47205  46056  46130
  Opened in that year:          17481  20695  25137
  Closed in that year:          16417  20609  22120
    (*): Excludes reports marked as enhancements

The following people closed more than 500 bugs in 2015:
   988       Milan Crha
   973       Matthias Clasen
   624       Florian Müllner
   588       Sebastian Dröge
   509       Bastien Nocera
   503       Michael Catanzaro

The following people reported more than 150 bugs in 2015:
   303       Bastien Nocera
   215       Michael Catanzaro
   187       Allan Day
   167       Matthias Clasen
   161       Vineeth

The following people contributed more than 250 patches in 2015:
   402       Debarshi Ray
   306       Bastien Nocera
   299       Ray Strode
   284       Philip Withnall
   281       Carlos Garnacho
   264       Florian Müllner

The following people reviewed more than 400 patches in 2015:
  1274       Sebastian Dröge (slomo)
   822       Bastien Nocera
   731       Matthias Clasen
   527       Debarshi Ray
   445       Michael Catanzaro

Enjoy 2016!

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net
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