Re: [Gegl-developer] OpenCL support

Hi Victor,


I’m currently trying to help Vincent out with the development of the tutorial, though I’ve hit a bit of a snag. Based on what I’ve seen from an old blog post of yours (and from code snippets from the current source codes), I understand that an iterator is used to iterate through the GEGL buffer to extract tiles and to run the OpenCL kernel on each tile. Do correct me if I’m wrong, but at this point it seems that an OpenCL kernel is called to operate on one tile at a time as the iterator moves the buffer from one tile to another.


As part of the tutorial, rather than integrating the kernels directly into the GEGL library, I believe it would be more beneficial if those who partake in the tutorial to write their own host code as well. I was hoping to inquire on a more detailed explanation on how the image data can be extracted from the GEGL Buffer as a whole rather than as tiles through an iterator; whereby participants can then look at improving the tiling process and see how such improvements can be integrated into the GEGL library. While it would certainly be easier to integrate the kernels directly into the GEGL library, as a starting step it would be good if the users of the tutorial can learn both the kernel and host side of OpenCL.


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