[Gegl-developer] GEGL-0.3.2

GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing framework.

GEGL provides a graph based API and framework to do demand driven, cached, non
destructive image editing of sparse storage of larger than RAM images - using
CPU or GPU processing. Through babl it provides support for a wide, and
extendable, range of color models and pixel storage formats for input and

To build gegl-0.3.2 you will also need babl-0.1.14 and a recent version of glib,
follow see the output of the configure script for details and optional

Changes in this release:

 • Operations:
   • new operations: libraw based raw loading op, tiff-save and
tif-load, maze, sepia
   • ff-load and ff-save revived, with support from thegrid.io
   • apply-lens uses less memory, higher precision computation.
   • disable automatic threading on many ops where it fails
   • force more operations to prefer operating on linear RGB data for more
     accurate/physical processing.
 • Buffer:
   • implement abyss paremeter on gegl_buffer_copy and gegl_buffer_blit
 • Added start of a microraptor gui based image viewer/non destructive editor.
 • Optimizations to scaled blitting (speeds up most GEGL UIs a bit)

This release brought to you through contribution from:

 Alexandre Prokoudine, André Tupinambá, Claude Paroz, Daniel Mustieles,
 Debarshi Ray, Dimitris Spingos, Elle Stone, Jehan, Jordi Mas, Marco Ciampa,
 Martin Blanchard, Martin Srebotnjak, Massimo Valentini, Michael Henning,
 Michael Natterer, Necdet Yücel, Pedro Albuquerque, Piotr Drąg, Roman Lebedev,
 Sven Neumann, Thomas Manni, Vilson Vieira, akash akya and Øyvind Kolås.

Where to get GEGL:

The latest versions of GEGL and it's hard dependencies babl and glib can be
fetched from:


SHA-1 sums of the released tarballs:

1e1e27a9a07da95e905d07816701b2efaf5611af  babl-0.1.14.tar.bz2
c308b9994f9649bfbdf1bb63db6fbe0ba19632bd  gegl-0.3.2.tar.bz2

Where to get more information about GEGL

More information about GEGL can be found at the GEGL website,
http://gegl.org/ or by joining #gegl and #gimp on the IRC network

Enjoy the goats /pippin

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