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Hi Vincent! Welcome to the GEGL list.

You can refer to for the list of filters in GIMP and GEGL that have been ported.

Being honest I don't think there's enough people here with OpenCL background to review that many patches! So, a great way of helping out with the OpenCL support is to get involved with the community, build knowledge of the GEGL codebase and help out not only with the OpenCL bits but also infrastructure work. We've had people come and go that implement filters but as important as that is to keep engaged and be sure it keeps working. 

So, personally, what I think it's the best way to get OpenCL out there for users which I'd do myself if I had the time {in order of importance}:

1) Verify that currently implemented filters produce correct results and are faster than CPU. We are in need of a systematic verification of correctness of all filters, with different test images cases.
2) Stress test of the GPU code. What happens if you open another application that steals our GPU memory?
3) GPU profiling at application-level? Are we doing something stupid so that there's bubbles in our GPU pipeline?
4) Work with the GIMP team to minimize the tilling issue.

As I said, unfortunately I don't have the time to actually code new stuff but I'd extremely interested in helping out to have a simple tutorial that could bring new people to the project, what you have in mind?

By the way, have you given a look at this for an example of pixelwise filter?

We can keep discussing here ideas.


On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 12:40 PM, Vincent Hindriksen <vincent streamcomputing eu> wrote:


You might assume I will ask about the current state of OpenCL, but my question is different. I want to help to get OpenCL support get done.

In short I want a group of beginners try to implement the same filter in OpenCL, learning together. There will be support for them, so eventually they create a correct and fast kernel. And yes, there is serious demand for this. All I need from you is to help me develop a tutorial to get from zero to the first kernel, while learning the basics of OpenCL. I think that we can do a filter per week, while improvements will keep coming because of a high-score list.

Is there somebody I can talk to about this? Or can we discuss it here?

Kind regards,

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