[Gegl-developer] Trying to Build GEGL on Debian Jessie AMD64


I am trying to build GIMP 2.8 with a Debian Jesie system on a multi-core AMD64 machine.  I have pulled the 
latest sources for BABL, GEGL, and GIMP from GIT.  GEGL will configure and build without complaint.  Then it 
passes all but a couple of tests.  

When I try to build GIMP thereafter, GIMP will configure and and build without complaint.  Then GIMP will 
fail many tests.

 Is there anybody that can help trouble shoot this?

I have the full make check output for GEGL if that would help, and there's this:

gegl-xml (param_set color-model): enum GeglAlienMapColorModel has no value 'RGB'
/src/gimp-dev/gegl/tests/compositions/reference/edge-sobel.png and 
wrong pixels : 115926/115926 (100.00%)
max ?e : 106.727
avg ?e (wrong) : 19.100(wrong) 19.100(total)
/src/gimp-dev/gegl/tests/compositions/reference/reinhard05.png and 
wrong pixels : 31680/31680 (100.00%)
max ?e : 0.707
avg ?e (wrong) : 0.118(wrong) 0.118(total)

This is the only evidence of something awry that I can find. Presumably causes a cascade of further errs in 


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