[Gegl-developer] Getting contributors via OpenHatch


lately somebody committed to [OpenHatch] spoke to me in IRC
whether we at GIMP want to work with OpenHatch to gain more
OpenHatch defines itself as 'a non-profit organization
with the goals of lowering the barriers to entry into
open source community and increasing diversity'.
They also teach the next generation of students on colleges
how to participate in open source communities, so 'Hello, next
GSOC students'.
I personally think it's a great chance to get some open
problems solved:
To push the things a bit forward:
- Can we mark some more trivial and gnome-love bugs?
- Is anybody willing to mentor some students or give a
classroom presentation and if yes in which topic/area?
- Are there any topics we've been putting off, neglecting
or just plain avoiding? - IMHO the GEGL ports and Windows
bugs need some care.

If we have this, we can update [GIMP's and GEGL's pages there].

I'm cross-posting this message to the GIMP and GEGL developer
lists, because I think also GEGL could benefit from it.

Kind regards,



[GIMP's and GEGL's pages there]:

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