[Gegl-developer] luge

For those using GEGL for regular image processing, this might might be of
interest: i have created a small program called luge which is a binding of
GEGL to lua. It allows me to write a small program like

  inverted = node 'gegl:invert' {
    input = node 'gegl:load' { path = 'my.png' }
  inverted:save ('out.png')

to invert an image, for instance. I think the lua syntax is well suited for
constructing this kind of node graphs. To try it out, take a look at the
google page:


There are some wiki pages at that site, which should explain what one can do
with luge. Feel free to try it out and make any suggestions for
improvement. However this project is neither meant to be a complete binding of
lua to the GEGL API, nor is there any possibility to define GEGL operators
in lua or something advanced like that. My main objective was to have a tool
to do my daily image processing with, with just a little more flexibility
and consistency than ImageMagick (i never can remember all those different
ImageMagick command line options).

Luge is c++ and to be compiled with cmake. It brings its own lua. It can be
used with a different, pre-installed lua; however lua needs to be compiled
with a c++ compiler for exception safety.

Perhaps interesting background: This is not a very new project, i created it
over a year ago. But before announcing it on this list i wanted it to be
stable. My previous experiences with gtk-programs was that they often
stopped working after one or two gtk-updates; luge just worked without
change after over a year (modulus some OpenCL runtime errors), so good work,

Greetings - Rasmus

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