[Gegl-developer] VIPS library


these days I was pointed to the [VIPS library].
It's an image processing library with a focus
on high performance and low memory consumption.
Given this it can address two basic requirements
of image editing software:
- working fastly, i.e. see the [GIMP product vision],
- increasing image size as result from increasing
camera sensor resolution.

VIPS' main features include i.e. a wide range of
image file formats and colour formats, optional
inclusion of LCMS, almost complete support for
non-destructive editing and a great amount of
[image-processing operations]. From a developers
point of view a clever, low-memory architecture
('demand-driven' processing) and multi-threading
are some points of it. It's open source
and free under the LGPL 2.1.

I explicitly don't argue to make GEGL obsolete.
My aim is to share this information with you.
I already saw, 0yvind has dealed with VIPS and
the topic came up here some times during the last years.
Currently the only two points where I find hints
to VIPS in GEGL are N. Robidoux' lowhalo and nohalo
samplers. But perhaps the library can provide us more
and can take some work from us by using it in GEGL
or giving us some inspiration.

Kind regards,


[VIPS library:

[GIMP product vision]:

[image-processing operations]:


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