Re: [Gegl-developer] gaussian reduce operator, and GIMPGEGL operator

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 8:10 PM,  <bootch nc rr com> wrote:
OK.  It is not clear to me that the new API using GeglBuffers will let Python plugins use GEGL,
only C-language plugins, unless there are more changes to, for example, the GIMP PDB or to Pygimp.
But I understand it is not high priority, since few GIMP plugin developers, using Python and Scheme, need 
direct access to GEGL?
I suppose the guiding principle is that fundamental filter operations should be GEGL plugins written in C.
But why should non-fundamental Python GIMP plugins need to go through the PDB to get to GEGL?
I suppose the architecture of GIMP plugins is of no concern to GEGL, and I am not an expert.

It is correct that the architecture of GIMP plugins is of no concern
to GEGL, but the API for GIMP plug-ins will as stated also change.
PixelRegions will go away as should plug-ins knowledge of tiles. The
only way of interacting with pixels both in GIMPs core and in plug-ins
will eventually be through manipulating GeglBuffers.

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