Re: [Gegl-developer] [gsoc] which GIMP filters are going to be ported?

Victor Oliveira wrote:

Have we officially decided what filters are going to be ported to GEGL by GSOC students? I can make some guesses but I don't really have the knowledge of what is more important to GIMP users and is missing in GEGL.

If we haven't done that yet, why don't we use this e-mail to organize that?


I don't remember a decision process, but I haven't been for very long in the project yet. Your idea sounds good. To avoid pointless work I would say this has to be the first step before beginning to port (although it has been already started). IMHO the choice should be filters that are useful for the most common purposes, like color and tone adjustments and import/export filters for often used file formats. Other filters, which are of less or very specific use or too hard to understand and have been criticized for this in the past, should be sorted out and moved to the plugin registry. I think of the 'Van Gogh (LIC)', NL-filter and CML-Explorer, maybe the convolution matrix, too. Even their documentation describes them as 'Special effects that nobody understands'. It's a good chance now to get rid of them. If somebody still needs them he can get them from the plugin registry and do his own GEGL port for this. I know it's a subjective choice and to avoid very long, hot and pointless discussions there should be some objective criteria to make a selection and priorize:
- How much does a particular filter match the product vision?
- Is it really widely used? - It's a question to the users.
- How much does it really support the user?- It's a question to the users
- Are there other filters (maybe in the plugin registry), that do the same job better and more user-friendly and are thus better candidates?
- Which filters can be given the students depending on their skill level?

Best regards,


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