[Gegl-developer] openexr v2 beta



http://www.openexr.com/ says:

"June 18, 2012 - We're pleased to announce the first public Beta
release of OpenEXR v2.

Some of the new features included in the Beta.1 release of OpenEXR v2 are:

* Deep Data. Pixels can now store a variable length list of samples.
The main rationale behind deep-images is to have multiple values at
different depths for each pixel. OpenEXR v2 supports both hard surface
and volumetric representation requirements for deep compositing

* Multi-part image files. With OpenEXR v2, files can now contain a
number of separate, but related, images in one file. Access to any
part is independent of the others; in particular, no access of data
need take place for unrequested parts.

In addition, OpenEXR v2 also contains platform independent mechanisms
for handling co-existing library version conflicts in the same process
space. (Currently implemented in IlmImf)

Finally, a reminder that this is a Beta release and potentially
incompatible changes may be introduced in future releases prior to the
v2.0.0 production version.

OpenEXR v2Beta.1 can be found at:

Alexandre Prokoudine

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