Re: [Gegl-developer] New serialization format


I was also wondering why not XML. IIRC image processing in GEGL is internally represented by a tree (correct me if I'm wrong). Are YAML and JSON able to handle this, better than a native tree format like XML?
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I have been under the impression that while no operations currently have more than one output, in theory gegl will support multiple outputs and in fact parts of the codebase already do (again, in theory) support multiple outputs. Perhaps someone could clarify on this? If it is the case, then eventually anything to do with gegl graphs, such as serialization of them, will need to treat them as generalized graphs and can't assume they will be trees. While XML is great at representing trees, like you said, I imagine the current format would start to get pretty convoluted when trying to add rules for representing non-tree graphs.

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